I recently had to sell a bunch of stuff quickly to prepare for a move.  I didn’t have time for ebay, so I put it all on Craigslist, and through some trial and error, was able to sell most of my items in a day, with a few taking two days.  Here are some things I learned from the process.

1. Take Decent Photos!!

If you only have time to do one thing on this list, you should take good photos of the product you’re trying to sell.  Photos make a huge difference!

I highly recommend that you use good lighting, specifically natural daylight.  Daylight will bring out the true colors and make the product pop.  Artificial lights will make the product look yellow and old. Just take a look at this example I took using artificial indoor lighting:

Photo in indoor light

Photo taken with indoor florescent light using Canon Rebel T2i SLR

I took the photo above using a very good Canon Rebel T2i Digital SLR camera. See how yellow and old it looks?

Just to prove a point, I took the photo below using my iPhone 4, but during the daytime using natural light.

Photo in natural daylight

Photo taken with iPhone 4 in natural daylight

So, get the product out of the basement or garage and photograph it in your living room, where there are windows and plenty of natural light.  Flash shouldn’t be necessary, but you can use it to fill in shadows.  Don’t use it as your primary lighting though, or else it will cast harsh shadows.

As you can see, you don’t need a fancy camera.  If you use good natural daylight a modern cell phone camera can give you fine results.

My other advice would be to try to completely fill the frame with the product.  Don’t be too far away.  Take some close ups as well:

Close up photo

Closeups can be visually appealing and tell the buyers the product is in good condition. This cell-phone photo won’t win any awards, but it’s good enough for Craigslist.

Also, if the product can turn on or light up, then photograph it in the “on” state, with the display lit up and and as many things that can be shown to be working as possible.

Finally, don’t use the manufacturer’s photos of the product that you find on the Internet.  People will see through that pretty quickly.

2. Price it to move but expect negotiation

Pricing is also super important and tricky to figure out.  Most sellers price too high. If you want to move your stuff on Craigslist, you’ll have to price it for less than what you see on eBay. I usually price it for less than what others are selling it for on Craigslist as well, in order to move it in a matter of days, but that is up to you.

I also look at it like this: the people who shop on Craigslist are not millionaires.  Do I really want to wring every last dollar out of those people? Also, when you bought the item new, you had a warranty and could return it if it broke.  They have no warranty.  Finally, what is your time worth? Factor that into the equation.

So, I price things fairly low, but I give myself some negotiating room.  Almost everyone who responds will try to negotiate with you.  Studies have shown that buyers who negotiate and get some discount are actually happier than those who didn’t negotiate but got a lower price. Price low, but higher than the lowest price you are willing to accept in order to give yourself some negotiating room.

If you are not getting inquiries within three days of posting, your price is probably too high, or there is no demand for what you’re selling.  Lower your price and see what happens.

3. Allow text messages

Craigslist gives you the option of leaving your phone number for text messages or phone calls in addition to email.  When I’ve done that, the vast majority of buyers who contacted me did it through text message rather than email.  My guess is that many people are browsing Craigslist on their phones and texting is just more convenient than email.  Furthermore, people who contacted me through text message were more likely to respond after I answered their text.  I’m guessing that a text message will alert them wherever they are, whereas an email can get lost in the shuffle.

You might feel uncomfortable displaying your phone number online, but so far I haven’t had any problems with it.  By the way, people rarely called me about products, so you don’t need to check the box that says “You can also contact me by phone”.  Just allow texting, or else you will be losing customers!

4. Sell in batches so you can upsell

If you have more than one thing to sell, put it all on sale all at the same time rather than one at a time.  Why? Well, when someone shows up to buy something, you can show the other stuff you’re selling to them.  I had tons of interest for my couch, but none for my bar stools.  But, when the buyer of my couch showed up, I showed him the bar stools and he bought them as well.  Sometimes seeing the product in person can make the difference.  Also, once the person meets you and sees that you are a normal sane person, they are more likely to buy more of your stuff.

Also, if you are selling multiple items, remember to check the box that says “include more ads by this user”.  That will give shoppers an easy way to see what else you’re selling.  This has given me good results.

Craigslist - more ads by this user

5. Be specific with your posting title and include keywords

Your posting title is very very important, as it will be the first thing people see as they browse.  Be as specific as you can in your title with respect to the brand and model number of the product.  What would you rather buy, a 40” TV, or a Sony Bravia 40” HDTV?  The second one is more appealing to me.  Even if your product is not a famous brand, mention it anyway.  It’s better than nothing.

This not only applies to electronics, but almost everything.  There are tons of couches on Craigslist, so I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to sell mine.  My title specified “Ikea Klippan Couch”, rather than just “Couch”.  I was amazed – I sold it in a day.  If necessary, go online and do a bit of research on your product so you can write the best title possible.

Also, when someone does a keyword search on Craigslist, Craigslist looks for that keyword in the title.  So, try to include as many words as possible that people will be likely to search for in your title.  For example, the word “vintage” is a popular search term.  If your product is indeed vintage, be sure to include that in the title!

6. Find the Accessories

A product is worth a lot more when it has all of the accessories with it, whether it is a vacuum cleaner or Blue-Ray player or whatever.  Scour your home for the original box, manual, remote control, attachments, and whatever else came with it, and mention it in your ad that you have these things.  Include them in one of your photos as well.  This will allow you to get the most money for the product.

7. Clean it up

Before you take photos, clean up the product.  If it’s washable wash it.  Otherwise, wipe it down or clean it however you can.  Get it looking like it belongs in a showroom if possible.  Fix what you can without spending too much time or any money on it.  This will help the photos, but more importantly it will help when the prospective buyer actually comes to take a look at the product.  No one wants to buy a dirty product, even if it can be easily cleaned.  Take a few minutes to spruce up your product.

For example, that black Ikea couch I was selling had accumulated tons of lint.  I didn’t have a lint roller, so I just used some duct tape to pick up the lint and it made it look 100% better.

8. Tell us why you’re selling the item

People want to know why you’re selling the item.  They want to make sure you’re not just trying to dump a lemon on them.  Here are some reasons that you are selling an item that people like to hear:

  • You are moving.
  • You just purchased a new version and don’t need this one anymore.
  • You gave up golf, or whatever activity is associated with the product, so you don’t need the golf clubs anymore.

Giving a good reason makes it clear to prospective buyers that you’re not just trying to unload something because it’s broken, defective, etc.  That brings me to my next point.

9. Be honest about defects and condition

If the product has a defect or blemish, be honest about it in your description and photos, and price accordingly.  Be honest about how long you’ve owned it, and how much you’ve used it.  People will appreciate your honesty and enhance their opinion of you.  No one wants to buy something from someone they don’t trust.  It’s better that they see the issue in the photos rather that when they come to your home.  Or worse, if they discover it after they buy it.  After all, they know your email address, phone number, and where you live, right?  Be honest – it’s the best policy. 

10. Provide specifications and dimensions

Do a little bit of legwork and dig up the manufacturer’s specifications and description of the product and post them with your ad. Don’t make the customer do the research to find out the product specs because they probably won’t; they’ll just skip your ad.

For furniture, always provide the dimensions.  People need to know if a piece will fit in their room.

11. Post in the late afternoon

Most people go on the Internet after work or school.  There is a spike in Internet traffic at that time, so the best time to post your ad is around  5PM.  If you post earlier, it could be buried below other ads by the time most people come home and go online.

Finally, the moment you post on Craigslist, you are now a salesperson.  And no one wants to buy anything from a salesperson who is a jerk.  Be polite in your email and phone interactions.  Treat your prospective buyers like you would a good neighbor and thank them when you’re done.  The vast majority of people that I have sold to on Craigslist were nice people.  I haven’t had a bad experience yet.

I hope these tips were helpful to you.  You can use most of these techniques on ebay or any other online sales channel as well.  Do you have any other ideas?  What has worked for you? Please share!  – Brian

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